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MINDFULL OPTIMIST is a name that I dreamt up to describe someone whose inner thoughts are never at rest. Someone whose mind is always...full.


Despite ongoing challenges, setbacks, fears and uncertainty, the MINDFULL OPTIMIST has a clever knack for uncovering opportunities that pop in to their active mind, and seizing them.

Interestingly, one of the keys to the MINDFULL OPTIMIST'S resilience, lies in their commitment to physical activity. By moving their body, they're able clear their mind, allowing windows of opportunity for those amazing solutions to creep in.

This brand then, is a celebration of the resilient attitude and persistent actions of the many MINDFULL OPTIMISTS that I know, love, and appreciate. And, to the many more that I hope to meet one day.

My intention is to unite people, spark conversation and help you EXERCISE KINDNESS - toward yourself and others.

Brett Forsey


  • I've helped thousands of people move more + smile more for almost 20 years, as a Certified Fitness Professional. If I can help you or someone you know, visit me at Brett Forsey Fitness

  • I use exercise, medication and therapy, to help me manage the effects of ADHD (combined type) and Anxiety.

  • Movement for Mental Health Advocacy is my current purpose.

  • I'm perpetually in my own head (and trying to get inside yours), so that we can both discover clarity amidst the chaos:).

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